10 Sparring Games for Boxing And Kickboxing

Sparring games - boxing and kickboxingSparring Games help focus on specific attributes for fighting in order to accelerate improvement. By isolating a specific situation we are able to target specific skills to develop in a faster rate than just trying to improve them in regular sparring.

Jab only – Spar only using the jab.

  • Jab only sparring is great for beginners. In the intermediate and advance stages this is a great templates to start adding different sub-games such as timing counters or take downs against the jab. Also can use other techniques, like leg kicks only or side kicks only.

Shoulder Tag – Try to tag the shoulder or knee. using hands only

  • Shoulder/knee tag is also great for beginners. It helps to develop cat-like reflexes and footwork.

Hands low / No blocking – spar with out blocking. Use your legs

  • No blocking sparring game helps develop distance management and how to rely on your legs for for offense and defense.

Hands Up Mid- Close Range Only – stay in the pocket, keep your hands up, Throw combinations.

  • Mid-close range sparring game helps accelerate the experience of fighting close. It will tighten up defenses as well as offense.

Offense vs Defense – One person stays on offense and the other defense

  • This game mostly helps the defender on transitioning to different defensive techniques. Defender can stay stationary or rely on their legs for most of the defense.

Offense vs Counter – One person stays offense and the other defense/countering.

  • This game helps both sides but mostly the attacker. Tightening up Offense while considering defense during and after.

Counter for Counter – exchange attacks one at a time. Should be constant and non-stop.

  • This game helps improve counters for both fighters. Constant back and forth non-stop helps avoid mental processing and develop better habits of reacting improving fighter’s intuition. Game can also be with any numbers of attack at a time, such as counter in 2s or 3s.

Kickboxing vs Boxing – kickboxing should primarily use kicks while boxing needs to close the gap.

  • This game is about distance management. While the kickboxer works on maintaining distance the boxer works on closing the distance.

Boxing vs Clinching/take downs – One person stays on offense while other defense/clinch/takedown.

  • This game works on takedown defense while punching, as well as patience & timing while the defender is aiming for a takedown or clinch.

Boxing with Takedowns – both fighters box with take downs.

  • This game works on takedown offense and defense awareness while throwing punches. Developing takedown set-ups and trying to find the right distance while punching.

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