The 8 Rules of Self Defense

The 8 Rules Of Self Defense

Study You local laws on self defense – Most martial artist ignore this rule. Important to understand what the law is on self defense and how it limits what you can and can not do. Do a google search on your state law’s self defense and read it.

Get your shit together – Examine your beliefs & values. Be crystal clear on whats right, whats wrong, and why when it comes to protecting yourself. Getting your shit together way in advance will help avoid hesitation.

Awareness – Most assaults are by surprise and when we least expect it. Minimize that window by monitoring your surroundings, reading body language, and listen to your intuition. Most times awareness itself is enough.

Avoiding – Avoid going to the wrong places at the wrong times. Avoid isolated areas. Avoid being the easiest target. It goes hand in hand with awareness. This is your first line of defense, where you are the safest.

Running – If conflict is unavoidable, running should be your immediate response. Running is a lot safer than sticking around trying to observe, to make sense of, or trying to talk you way out of it.

Fight – In predatory violence, victims are usually chosen by the situations difficulty. This is why awareness and avoiding is important. If you put up a fight, you will increase the difficulty, making your attacker rethink the whole situation and flee. Sometimes all it takes is a push or verbal command.

Hit Hard, Hit Fast, Hit First – If you cant run and the threat is viable, make the first move. An eye gouge or a kick to the nuts can be good starters and finishers.

Recover Your Safety – the main point of fighting in self defense is to retain your safety. Only do whats necessary. don’t seek revenge or get even. If an opportunity to run has present itself, take it. You are responsible for your own safety. Think about your responsibility to others, such as your family and how they depend on you.

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