Muay Thai Teep Push Kick – Technique Of The Week

The teep is a push kick used in muay thai. The muay thai teep is used to off balance and control distance. The teep is a kick that all martial artist should consider for sport and self defense.

Muay Thai Teep Push Kick

How To Teep

Front leg muay thai teep: from a squared fighting position, lift your lead knee towards your chest and simultaneously extend your foot towards your target, thrust your hips forward, and pushing off your supporting leg while landing with the ball of your foot.

Below is a video of Samart Payakaroon’s lead leg teep.

A muay thai teep can be done with either leg, while your rear leg generates the most power your lead leg will have the most speed. Below is a video of Saenchai’s kicking techniques, the technique to examine is the jumping switch teep.


  • controlling distance
  • pushing
  • intercepting / interrupting


  • not a finisher
  • can be caught easier than most kicks

Self Defense

The muay thai teep is naturally a strong tool for pushing due to the use of both quadriceps and hips. If you ever need to push someone back, the teep is the kick to use. Here are some reasons why you may want to teep for self defense.

  • To open an opportunity to run
  • To create distance
  • To force a step backwards towards hazardous spaces
    • vehicle traffic
    • stairs
    • water
    • to trip over objects


  • Torso
  • Face
  • Knee
  • groin
  • back (vs spinning techniques)

Muay Thai Teep Variations To Consider

  • Retracting your knee back to 90 degrees after the kick will help regain an adaptive posture for reacting or following up.
  • When teeping with your rear leg, slightly pivot your supporting foot 45 degrees to increase hip involvement.
  • after teeping with your rear leg, pivot your supporting foot back into position allows an easier route back into your stance.

Muay Thai Teep Drills

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