Must Have Training Equipment

Heavy Bag – Heavy bag is an essential tool for developing and maintaining a striking game. Used by boxers, kick boxers, and almost every martial art. This peace of equipment cant be replaced. every striker should have access to a heavy bag.

Heavy bags are great for solo training, hand strengthening, improving power, and cardio.


Focus Mitts – Focus mitt is another essential tool for striking. Helps incorporating drills that involve footwork and reactions. A partner with some focus mitts is a good alternative to the heavy bag, but can never replace it and vice versa. Every striker needs training with focus mitts.

Focus mitts are great for improving cardio, technique, speed, and timing.


Thai Pads – Necessary for improving heavy kicks while training other elements that you don’t get with a heavy bag and a Focus mitts. This equipment cant be replaced.

Thai Pads are great for knees, round kicks, back kicks, teeps, and side kicks.


Sparring Gloves – Another must have for strikers. Cant spar without glove . Sparring gloves can also be used on the heavy bag, on the focus mitts, and as a focus mitt.

Sparring gloves are great for protecting your hands and increasing sparring intensity.


Head Gear – essential for full contact sparring. Protects the face from cuts, scrapes, and swelling. Used in boxing and kickboxing.



Shin Pads – An Important must have for striking. Used to protect your shins and your partner while sparring. Also can be used for partner drills.



Mouth Piece – necessary for sparring. It is the most important equipment in sparring. Losing your teeth or fracturing it can lead to an expensive visit to the dentist.

A mouth piece can used in sparring, grappling, or even in a self defense situation.


Groin Protector Cup – necessary for sparring to protect the groin.


MMA Gloves – Is essential for working strikes in the clinch and ground & pound. MMA Gloves less bulkier than sparring gloves and can also be used on the heavy bag. Good for light sparring.



Grappling Mats – It is a must have for training ground and pound, submissions, takedowns, and throws. Commonly used in wrestling, judo, and jiu jitsu.


Training Knives –  Essential for preparations against knife attacks. Used for drilling knife disarms and sparring.


Safety Goggles – This protects from eye injuries when using training knives. Usually used while knife sparring.



Training Duffle Bag – to keep all your goods while traveling to and from training.



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