Pawing Jab – Technique Of The Week

The jab is a simple and versatile tool, but also the hardest punch to master. As the most important and thrown punch in combat sports, its not used to end fights, but sets up everything else that does. The best type of jab for that is the pawing jab.

pawing jab - technique of the week

What is the Pawing Jab?

The pawing jab is used interchangeably with the flicker jab. Although related, they are too different types of jabs. The more practical synonym for pawing is to feel, and it is precisely what you do with the pawing jab.

The mechanics of pawing the jab doesn’t require any other movement other than the arm extending towards the face of the opponent in a metronome (not always), but not necessarily to make contact. Below is a video of Guillermo Rigondaux who paws with the jab as a catalyst to his game.

The pawing jab is a technique that does several things simultaneously.

  • Gauges distance
  • Sets up other punches
  • Obstructing opponents sight
  • To provoke an attack
  • Controls the rhythm
  • Creates deception
    • Opponent’s perceived distance and reach
    • Conceals advancement / Footwork
    • Lures opponent to a deceptive rhythm

Pawing Shadow Boxing Drills – Pawing to Connect

While metronomically throwing out the pawing jab, practice your footwork and throwing other punches and kicks at a moment’s notice in a broken rhythm.

Pawing Focus Mitt Drills – Pawing to Provoke

Have the holder feed you random punches while metronomically pawing the focus mitts. Work your counter punches off the pawing metronome.

Pawing Advice

  • Learn how to paw going backwards
  • Learn Paw follow ups with the same hand
  • Paw in a way you can throw any strike at moment’s notice

Common Mistakes

  • Getting hypnotized by your own metronome.
  • Not being ready at a moment’s notice.

More Resources:

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