Spinning Back Kick – Technique Of The Week

The Spinning Back Kick is not a necessary tool to have in most combat sports or in self defense situations. But honing in on this technique is a power move that will have a huge impact on your stand up / kickboxing game.

Spinning Back Kick - Technique Of The Week

What Is A Spinning Back Kick?

A spinning back kick is a thrusting power kick usually aimed to the body or head of your opponent. The back kick is thrown by the rear leg using a 180 degree spin, turning towards your back side. Its the the most powerful kick you can throw.

via GIPHY (Conor Mcgregor drilling teep to a spinning back kick)

The spinning back kick’s initial momentum comes from the same leg your kicking with. After your rear foot presses off the earth, that same leg will slightly retract while simultaneously turning your lead foot, leg, hips, shoulders, and head 180 degrees. Extending and landing the back kick as soon as the 180 degree turn is complete. Your opponent should be in your peripheral vision slightly before contact.

Some Key Points To Consider when Throwing the Spinning Back Kick:

  • The kicking leg should travel in the straightest line possible
  • Keep your body as vertical as possible
  • Learn how to throw the kick without winding up
    • without turning foot in first
    • without turning your body too far ahead of your kick

If its your first time learning the back kick i recommend turning your foot 90 degrees while stepping to the side before initiating. This will make the execution easier and clears your back kick to travel at a straight line.

Once you start getting the hang of the back kick, learn how to executing it without stepping to the side or turning your foot. Tightening up any telegraphic movement and improving your ability to back kick at a moments notice.

When Should You Consider Throwing the Spinning Back Kick.

  • After a Jab
  • After a Straight Right

Learning to follow up with a spinning back kick with just the two option above will greatly increase your back kick’s capacity and opportunity.

Common Spinning Back Kick Mistakes

  • Head and body swings wildly (bad for balance and following up)
  • Kick landing after completing the 180 degree turn (too slow)
  • Leaving body behind / leaning too far back (bad for balance and following up)
  • Kicking leg flared out (bad for balance, accuracy, speed and power)

Fighters with a Strong Back Kick Game

Muslim Salikhov

Cung Le

Benny The Jet Urquidez

Joe Rogan

Spinning Back Kick Compilation Video

Other Resources To Consider:


Sanda / San Shou

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