Splitting The Jab – Technique Of The Week

In kickboxing, boxing, and MMA, the jab is the most common attack we have to deal with. With Variable angles, set-ups, and follow-ups, the jab can be difficult to counter. But with a little training and timing, splitting the jab can do wonders.


Splitting The Jab is defined as a counter, by slipping your head to one side while throwing a punch on the other in order to counter the jab during its execution.


Developing the mechanics – Practice splitting the jab by using a partner to extend a jab continuously in a robotic form. Execute the technique at every other jab.

2 Man Drill – Choreograph an exchange drill where the feeder counters with the jab while the receiver defends it with a simple parry. Execute the technique at every other jab instead of the parry.

Isolated sparring – Spar only using the jab. In addition, either partner can execute the technique at any time.


  • Easier to execute off of slight head movements.
  • Initiating an attack in order to draw out the jab is easier to time.

Common mistakes

  • Executing from a backwards lean.
  • Body is too bladed (if countering with rear hand).
  • Over-reaching.


  • Has lead to many KO’s.
  • Catches the opponent Stepping in.
  • Aggressive counter.


  • If failed, you can be left in a bad position.
  • slipping is vulnerable to head kicks.

splitting the jabe - technique of the week

Splitting the jab works well in boxing, MMA, kickboxing, and in the street. One of the most used counter punches in combat sports.

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